Ju Xin TYPE50 specification Product

Hopper dimension : 1390mm X 3500mm X Height 2000mm
Feed opening dimension : 1100mm X 1150mm X 2100mm
Packaged product dimension : 1100mm X 1150mm X 2000mm
Generators used : 50HP X 1 ﹐ 3HP X 1 ﹐ 2HP X 1
Primary hydraulic cylinder : 250mm X 200mm X Length 3000mm
Maximum unit surface pressure : 8.27kgs /c㎡
Pressing Force : 103 tons (Max.pressure :210kg /c㎡ )
Primary hydraulic cylinder moving speed : Forward 189mm /sec. Backward 336mm /sec. (no load)
Single cycle time : Back and forth once 22 seconds (no load)
Clamp hydraulic cylinder : 150mm X 80mm X 150mm Two stage adjustable Two units
Compressing and bundling time : About 35 ~ 40 seconds with a utomatic threading and knotting
Compressing and bundling steel wire : 5 bundles (provided by user)
Compressing and bundling steel wire type : Small steel coil, standard equipment
Large wire rack and wire wheel equipment : ( Optional equipment )
Body material : SS41 China Steel A grade iron plate
Machine weight : 22000kgs
Fuel tank capacity : AW68#1000 liter